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ShopBuilt - How to Anodize Aluminum!

WARNING- always add acid to water!!!!

In this video i show my step by step process for anodizing aluminum in my woodworking shop. This video is full of tips and tricks for anodizing aluminum all sorts of colour using battery acid and a cheap power supply.
Giaco whatever video -\u0026t=400s
Anodizing supplies -
Anodizing forum -

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Sour Brothers : Good video, but...

All the wood in your shop makes me uncomfortable.
Dead tree carcass, yuck.
To each his own though!
robleake : "cathoyd"
James Copeland : Green is my favorite
Steve Russell : I bet a sous vide for the dye tanks would be great. Sets an even temp and circulates the water to help with distribution and bubbles.
Roger Kuykendall : Johnny was a chemist,
Johnny is no more,
Johnny drank some H2o,
but it was H2So4!!
Paxmax : Stellar end result, really beautiful.
What you Know : Look like first fun
Tooth Tamer : Can i send you some stuff to anodize? Ill pay for your services.
What color green is that
T Johnson : Good video couple of things I noticed. Using aluminum in place of lead for anode will both decrease time and power used in process as well as you get better results with the rit dye...(better conductor by about 8x) The pink hue your pinking up is actually the result of lead be deposited into the effluent. An aluminum piece of 18gauge plate or about the size of a license plate will have your setup purring.
007 T-5 : I like green but the blue came out real good. Nice...

Anodizing process

Here at MooreSport, we our proud to say we only use aircraft grade materials such as T6-6061 aluminium and Ti-6Al-4V titanium.

These alloys are far superior to off the shelf materials at your local hardware store, however almost always require additional post treatments to reduce corrosion and galling. Anodizing the parts reduces the rate of oxidation (corrosion) as well as increasing wear resistance.

In this video, you will see the complete anodizing process that is typical of a regular production run of our Motorsport grade adjustable camber plates

*crédit music : "AcousticRock" de
Evil Chameleon : Play at 2x speed to hear the Dropkick Murphy's.
Jones Crimson : I would love an interview from whoever does the plumbing.
Mark Simmons : Useless video
krisel : Hello Everyone, I have a problem with anodising the pressure casting aluminium, means the alloy with high silicon contain (Si>6%). Does anybody tried this? Which parameter could be a problem, which should be combined?
kimdebbie4122 : You can’t learn how to prepare your parts for anodizing from the music. Inform us on how to be prepared.
Gila Gila : clear anodizing very easy...hahahaha
try black colour..why no rinse after sealing..if u anodize black colour with sand blasting surface u can see the sealing mark at surface..btw..better use rinse after sealing for adviod dirty from chemical
Kml Handa72 : Wow it was very interesting
Aditya : Play it at x1.5. The speed and music both get better ;)
srkhan : what color they used here?
El espíritu del tigre : Meanwhile im here with my metalcast spray...

DIY How To Anodize Aluminum At Home

Anodizing parts in my garage.

Red dye

Blue dye

Hot plate

Lye (sodium hydroxide)

Power supply

2qt paint pail

S Blumenstein : Great video. You are are a good teacher: clear, concise, organized, and don't say "you know" every other word. Please, however, wear some type of eye protection. You can't get a new eye.
al-Zughal Ch. : Its good folks like you that make the world a better place
William Quinones : What type of metal you use to hold the part in the acid bath
Victor Downin : Great job, quick and informative
trexDeer james : You can skip or have the part in the lye for less time it should come out more shinny
adrian harrison : Thanks for making the video and sharing this online, it has helped me alot with some projects
Robert Jackson : Excellent job,,,,,, Have you tried this process on Titanium? I have a project I need to turn Red like you've done.
99% Perspiration : I wonder if muratic acid would work?
Hector Barbossa : What are the odds that entering "anodizing aluminum" into a youtube search world show me somebody I know personally?
Ewen Flint : For the benefit of British viewers, can you confirm that for you, a pint is 16 ounces, so a quart is 32 and a gallon is 128. A British pint is 20 ounces.




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